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Our story

At Ox Builders we strive to represent the values symbolized by our logo, the Ox. On a farm, the ox is the animal who is most determined to get the job done. They are not afraid to work hard and do not back down from even the most difficult tasks. An ox symbolizes strength and reliability. The team at Ox Builders offers the STRENGTH to perform hard work RELIABLY. We are determined to work hard day after day to complete your project in a timely fashion and guarantee a result to last a lifetime.

Todd, the owner at Ox Builders has over 5 years of hands on experience in carpentry, inspection, and project management. With 4 years of post secondary schooling in construction management and 6 years of training with the Army Reserves, he has the knowledge, skills and work ethic required to lead a high performing team.
Some hobbies of Todd’s include woodworking, traveling, and running. He enjoys spending time with his family. Todd and his wife, Kate, were married in 2016. They have a little girl, Luella, who was born in the summer of 2017.

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